Yard Ramps – How to Select the Right One for Your Forklift Loading Needs

 It is important to choose the right type, capacity, width and length steel yard ramp for your intended use.

Guidelines for specifying the correct type of ramp:

What kind of ramp do you need?

  • Portable Ramp with Wheels (for loading and unloading vans and containers)
  • Stationary Ramp for access to dock areas and tend to be semi-permanent

How do you select the correct capacity for your ramp purchase?

The simplest and easiest guideline is to take the capacity of your heaviest forklift and multiply that capacity times three. The capacity of the ramp you select should equal or better that number. Let’s say, for example, your heaviest forklift has a capacity of 10,000 pounds. Your ramp capacity should be 30,000 pounds or more (3 x 10,000); If your heaviest forklift has a capacity of 5,000 pounds, your selection would be for a steel yard ramp of 15,000 pounds or greater.

How wide is wide enough?

  • Steel Yard Ramps of 84 inches are typically used to load and unload vans and containers (78″ usable when accounting for curbs).
  • If you need to access a dock, 70 inches wide units normally do the job (64″ usable when accounting for curbs).

The calculation of width should permit safe operation of your forklift. The overall width should total 15″ wider than the widest forklift or other equipment used on the ramp.

Custom widths are available up to 120 inches and custom capacities up to 80,000 pounds are also available.

How Long Should My Ramp Be?

When loading vans or containers, a 36′ ramp is normally utilized. This ramp will have 30′ of incline and a 6′ level off to get the forks down in order to access the load at the rear of the van or container.

Access to dock areas only require a straight ramp of 30′.

Custom lengths are available.

How do I move the ramp around?

Portable ramps (with wheels) come with a fork loop and/or a tow-bar to move the ramp from trailer to trailer. All dock yard ramps have safety chains for attaching to your dock, van or container.

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These are two important things you should consider when the looking for a ramp for your business. Taking these two questions along with you when evaluating which type you should get, will help you come to the right conclusion, an ensure satisfaction for years to come.

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