Useful Holidays Gifts for Your Warehouse Employees and Forklift Operators

Summer has already faded away right before our eyes and the holiday season is right around the corner. I truly love the holidays. Some of my favorite things about this time of year are the decorations, the variety of opportunities to eat delicious food and the warm and friendly spirit that seems to fill the air over the next few months. People tend to be kinder and more generous, which always encourages me to do the same. I really enjoy gift giving, and I pride myself in giving a gift that is both useful and will bring joy to the receiver. Like most people, I am generous with my family and friends, but one of the most fulfilling group of people I like to share holiday joy with, is my employees.

I own a medium sized warehouse that utilizes a range of techniques to get the job done and my employees are some of the hardest working people around. Sometimes I struggle for gift ideas so I thought it might be useful for me to put together a list of some great ideas I have had in the past. Seeing a smile on their face, or being able to witness them put the gift to use, is always such a joy.

Gas or Food Gift Cards

This may sound like a copout, but I know a lot of guys who make putting food on the table for their family, and putting gas in their struck to get to work, their number one priority. It is rare that they have money left over to spend on treating themselves or putting it towards other items they need. My thought process was that if I could give them enough money to cover these necessities for a week or two, then maybe they would be able to do something nice with their families for the holidays.

Gear for On and Off the Job

Being the owner of this business, I have a responsibility to keep my employees safe while on the job. Due to this, I do provide a limited about of supplies and gear for them to wear and use during work hours. However, if there is something additional that might make the job more comfortable for them, they are expected to purchase these things on their own. There are some employees who have to spend most of their days outside and in the cold or wet weather. For these workers, I like to buy them a wind and water proof jacket from Columbia, or a similar retailer.

An Extra Paid Day Off

This is always a nice surprise at the end of the year. Even when I am generous in my gift giving, I still take care of my employees with a great bonus. Sometimes, I like to include extra paid vacation time on their PTO accounts, especially if they have worked with the company for a long time.

There are so many things you can do, big and small, to show your employees you care this holiday season.

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