Should I buy a steel yard ramp or an aluminum yard ramp?

steel yard ramp

Yard ramps, dock ramps or forklift ramps are an important commodity in diverse fields like warehouses, dock areas, airports, manufacturing factories and many other applicable places. There are lot of advantages and facilities offered by these ramps, check more additional tips on this article. Yard ramps are employed in dock to ground and also dock to truck/ trailer area. There is a common situation faced by all during purchase of a yard ramp. The situation is complicated and not completely resolvable. There are two major raw materials used in manufacture of Yard Ramps: Aluminum and Steel. The confusion is making a decision, which yard ramp should be bought. But to help you out there are some considerations to be kept in mind while buying a yard ramp.

Application of Yard Ramp:

This is the major point and would help greatly to make your decision in favor of Aluminum or Steel Yard ramps. Suite the raw material to your requirement and conditions. Aluminum and steel are both metals with wide applications. Aluminum yard ramps should be preferred if your work area have combustible and explosive material. This is because the friction with steel surface creates spark which can lead to combustion of materials (oil, gun powder, chemicals). Another condition is the humidity in environment, if your work area have a high moisture in air then it is advisable to choose aluminum because in highly humid conditions the rusting and oxidation mechanism of steel would be accelerated decreasing the durability of steel yard ramp.

Cost effectiveness:

In this comparison Steel Yard Ramps are less expensive than aluminum yard ramps. The cost and budget on construction is more or less same but the edge is the 2 or 3 times more cost of aluminum raw form as compared to steel. So steel yard ramps are less expensive from their raw form.

Strength comparison:

This property does not significantly differ in both aluminum and steel yard ramps. The strength of both types of yard ramps are comparable. But here is the catch! The strength of aluminum yard ramp which is equivalent to steel yard ramp has a weight advantage. Aluminum yard ramps of same strength weighs less which make them more portable and easy to adjust.

Aluminum VS steel as metals:

In general aluminum and steel are both significant in their properties.

• Steel might be more vulnerable to corrosion and rust but aluminum loses its strength when subjected to very high temperature conditions. In very high temperatures, aluminum is likely to become more brittle and easy to break.

• Another property worth mentioning is the yield strength of aluminum is more than steel which means that aluminum would fracture or crack at higher pressure than steel.

• But then steel shines as a metal with more plastic range. It has more plastic range which means when a significant pressure would be applied on steel, it would undergo deflections before it reach its final breaking point.

Aluminum on the other hand is less plastic and would promptly fracture when the particular pressure would be applied. So aluminum yard ramps offer less flexure and more rigidity in construction.

steel yard ramp

• Steel is more resistant to abrasion comparable to aluminum.

Final decision:

If you are still confused then just buy a yard ramp keeping in mind your budget (steel preferred), application (aluminum no rusting or corrosion), size or weight (aluminum more portable) and strength (steel and aluminum with some side factors). However you should know that both of these types can be used and won’t too much effect the task although the right choice would make the task efficient.

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