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Ramps are tied well to their truck or other mobile machines. Its use, simple and obvious, to load and unload the contents of whatever trailers and containers the trucks, cars or mobile items are bringing. Sometimes they come as separate items on their own and you can load your own things at home, a construction site, even at an office building. It makes heavy movement easier as well as safer. Despite the simplicity of this item, there are many considerations to take as well as knowledge to gain about all the features it can give. Know well to have the best at your disposal and expect always a perfect loading and landing.

The Ramp

When choosing the ramp, the most important thing is its rating capacity. This will later have to do with its safety and even the growth of the items you will place on it. It should include the forklift weight and the max cargo capacity. It ranges from 16,000 to 100,000 lbs., but it depends on the model. Steel has a higher capacity rating than aluminum. For aluminum, it is best to have light weight and auto-corrosive quality features. The standard ramp width ranges from 72” to 95”, the usable being 66” to 87”. The standard in the industry are 30” and they all incline at a 30” with 6” of level off, which is a total of 36”. This level-off is what helps the fork truck to enter in alignment with the bed of the trailer. Both are given with a 16” protector lip for the ramp to support the bed of the trailer. There are chains to secure the ramp to the trailer. The safety curbs come from 4” to 8”. Read more.


Yard ramps can be used by one person using the fork lift, it is what accomplishes forklift loop or tow bar. The loop allows easy control over the tow bar. Tow bar is easier for longer distance. Standard yard ramps are made to stay in the yard with a maximum tow rate of 4 mph. The portable unit lip floats and moved along with the trailer. The wheels are available with a variety of sets, from 9” steel, 18” hard rubber or 27” pneumatic. The height is adjusted by the crack of a hand or a hand pump, allowing a reach of 30” to 62”, but it depends on the model. As an option, edges of dock levels are available when a vertical leg is used. It is placed as expecting for loading or unloading and the truck trailer goes back with the same practice of usual loading.


A suggested brand is Beacon, who makes for the U.S. army and even government. More than 500 companies rely heavily on Beacon for the knowledge and variety of their equipment. They have done so for decades and they are constantly improving and giving excellency in their products. They are ready to accept your requests, requirements and whatever special needs you want attended, they will be granted at the industry level you want. For more information visit: https://copperloy.com/dock-equipment/edge-of-dock/


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