8 Tips for Loading Ramp Safety

Loading Ramp Safety

Loading Ramps bear significant place in conveyance of goods, freight, shipments, and containers. Use of loading ramps has made the transport of heavy machinery and vehicles efficient and safe. There are many stores which sell good quality yard ramps, Dock yard ramps, loading dock ramps, forklift ramps and other types, both in new and used condition. Before you buy a particular loading ramp, go through these tips for loading ramp safety to make your task safe and efficient.read more detailed information at http://www.murphystransport.com/should-i-buy-a-steel-yard-ramp-or-an-aluminum-yard-ramp/


Although there are lot of products in an inventory, but it is better if you know the particular type of loading ramp best suited for your job. The type of ramp you choose depends on your loading application. Look for the design, load bearing capacity, clearance height, material (steal or aluminum), rung spacing, maximum height, and angle of inclination which are some parameters that differ from ramp to ramp. Usually yard ramps or dock ramps for motorbikes are “arched” to give maximum clearance height. Similarly you can also suite a forklift ramp of a particular load bearing range.

• Do know the properties of ramp:

It is important to know everything about your ramp. Before you set your Dock Ramp or Yard Ramp up for transporting heavy object, do make sure you know how much weight bearing capacity it has or how much the inclination angles should be. It is better to be aware of ranges and limits to avoid accidents and tripping.

• Setting up the system:

If you buy a new or used loading ramp, make sure to receive a user manual with it. It will help you with setting up the system correctly. The use of clamps and chains to securely set the ramp to dock area or trailer is very necessary. If the clamps and chains are loose there is a higher chance of an accident or sudden detachment of ramp from dock area.

• Avoid the steepness:

It is advisable to set low angle of inclination. The increased steepness increase possibility of accidents while docking up the freight. Also prefer to keep the ramp and trailer quite leveled. It will decrease the likelihood of backward falling of material. In Forklift Ramp, the increased ramp angle will make the forklift more vulnerable to backward fall over.

• Side tripping:

There are many situations when the loading material trips or fall off the side of ramp. To avoid such accidents, it is preferable to buy dock ramps or yard ramps with side support (safety chains) or side rails.

• Docker or labour experience :

When hiring the workers to do your job, make sure they have experience in loading/unloading and also use of ramps. Inexperienced labour increases the chances of accidents.

• Steady and slow loading :

The whole process of loading should be slow and steady. Speed and acceleration would make the sudden jerks and container or vehicle fall / damage more likely to occur.

Loading Ramp Safety

• Signage and Maintenance:

Display of signage and short instruction would be helpful as a reminder. Regularly check for rust, deposited debris, crack in plank, chains and clamps breakage. Proper and regularly inspection would prevent any sudden system collapse or accident.

Keep these few tips in mind to ensure safe and sound conveyance of goods/ containers from your dock/ warehouse to trailer/truck or vice versa.

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